Schools & Quakes


  • Icon BRÜCKL, E. et al. (2017): Design and first tests of a Macroseismic Sensor System.

    EGU 2017, 23.-28.April 2017, Wien (Poster).

  • Icon DEL PUY PAPI, I./BRÜCKL, E. (2016): Robust method to detect and locate local earthquakes by means of amplitude measurements.

    EGU 2016, 17.-22.April 2016, Wien (Poster).

  • Icon BRÜCKL, E. et al. (2015): Scientific goals of SCHOOLS & QUAKES.

    EGU 2015, 12.-17.April 2015, Wien (Poster).

Schulische Abschlussarbeiten

  • Icon ALY, A./FRANTAR, E./PITIRUT, S./SOYKA, W./YE, G.: Earthquake Exploration Platform.

    TGM – Die Schule der Technik, Wien, 2015 (Diplomarbeit)