"Sparkling Science 2.0" funds high-quality citizen science research projects in which scientific institutions cooperate with educational institutions and, if possible, partners from business and society.

Within the 1st tender, 34 outstanding Citizen Science projects will be funded with a total funding volume of 11.5 million euros. Submissions for the 2nd call were open from June 1 to September 25 2023.

Citizen Science Award 2024

Our new brochure is out now! 

The OeAD Center for Citizen Science provides information to researchers about tools, open calls, events, etc., offers lectures and coordinates the yearly Citizen Science Award.

With Young Science, the OeAD offers numerous initiatives for (extra-)school science education. Here teachers will find offers for science and democracy education in schools in Austria.

Schülerinnen an einer Braille-Schreibmaschine

#ProjectoftheWeek: "MAJA"
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