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Here you find video clips which provide an insight into Sparkling Science.

Sparkling Science – Forschungsprogramm und voruniversitäre Nachwuchsförderung

Imagefilm zum Programm Sparkling Science beim Forum Alpbach 2012.

Sparkling Science-Imagefilm

Schülerinnen und Schüler arbeiten Seite an Seite mit Wissenschaftern und Wissenschafterinnen an aktuellen wissenschaftlichen Forschungen.

Video clips out of projects


Mrs. Munde’s Deadly Sins

Cultural heritage – the “Archiving Classroom” pupils as researchers

Transnational Perceptions of History

“So, what does this have to do with me, anyway?” Transnational perceptions of the history of National Socialism and the Holocaust

Chatting with Antiquity – Inscriptiones Antiquae

Scientific and didactic treatment and editing of the largest collection of inscriptions from Rome in Austria

The Jewish Cemetery of Graz: Explore - Conserve - Remember

A contribution to the social and cultural history of the Jewish community Graz during the 19th and 20th century


A new aesthetisation of medieval literature in the experience space

Seeking Traces: Hall in Motion

Resarch and Exhibition on Labor Migration in the Region of Hall in Tyrol (1960’s until today)


Artistic and cultural interventions by and with youth to create participatory publics

Information Technology


eXcellent Interface for Nonphatic Use


Geographic information systems based on OpenStreetMap and Google Maps-API

  • Preview imageGeoWeb

    14 November 2011

  • Preview imageStudenten der FH Salzburg erklären, worum es im Projekt geht

    Starring: Simon Back (Bachelor-Student Informationstechnik & System-Management der FH Salzburg) und Raf Verbraeken (Exchange-Student) Regie und Kamera: Christian Granitzer (Bachelor-Student Informationstechnik & System-Management der FH Salzburg)

    30 March 2011

Teaching and Learning

Playful Learning

Research on motivational aspects and knowledge transfer in digital educational games for children aged 10 to 14 years

You Feel, I Listen, We Make Music – a Dialog

Development of adequate pedagogical approaches for inclusive and integrative contexts with heterogeneous groups.

An educational toolbox in conjunction with the ‚Steirische Literaturpfade des Mittelalters´

New concepts and material to transfer older German texts

Medicine and Health

Searching for Footprints of Climate in Classrooms

Highschool students, teachers, and scientists investigate climate conditions in classrooms looking for correlations between heat and students´ concentration abilities


Developing and implementing a project designed to survey the health status and to promote health awareness of Viennese high school students based on an intervention study in co-operation with Hospital Hietzing


FEM_TRACE_VOC screening test


The jump shot - A biomechanical analysis

When Our Lifestyle Sickens Us!

Are the foundations for "prosperity diseases" already present in our youth? To answer this question the students of the HLFS Ursprung collected and analyzed health and nutritional data from 325 of their classmates


FEM_PERS: Personalized medicine for women by use of breath tests

  • Preview imageJugend forscht

    Beitrag in „Tirol heute“ über das Sparkling Science-Projekt FEM_PERS


Natural Sciences


Hydrologic balance and global change: future prospect for mountain areas in the face of changes in land use and climate

Alien Invaders – Renaturation of River Banks and Neophytes. A neglected problem

Alien plants and their role in reconstructions of river banks

Climate Change: the Impact on Bird Behaviour and Reproduction

The impact of climatic parameters on behaviour and reproduction of native bird species

Computer Simulations and Simulation Experiments

Essentials, Solutions and the Origin of Life

Pionierprojekt: BIPOLAR

Bildungsinitiative Polarforschung - Lernen und Forschen im Internationalen Polarjahr

„Was können wir tun?“

Verstehen lernen und handeln


1. Tiroler hochalpine Schüler/innenexpedition

Moth Larvae Research Project: Black C

Research on moth larvae hibernating in the spring meadows of the recreation area “Lainzer Tiergarten” and their contribution to biodiversity and population dynamics

Science Backstage – Explore How Physics Works and What Physicists Do

High school students examine how physics research works at the Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna, what research methods are used as well as how scientific communities co-operate. The research groups involved in this course include quantum optics, nano materials and nuclear physics


Students develop the basis of an archive on extreme weather phenomena

Synthetic Biology put to the Test at School

A Glimpse into the Blueprint of Life

Alpine Salamander

Distribution and development of the alpine and the fire salamander in Salzburg


Microbial life in the atmosphere – an extreme habitat as analogue to exoplanets


Young people travelling through the world of science and everyday life


Entwicklung und Evaluierung eines Erhebungssystems siedlungsnaher Schmetterlingshabitate

Alpine Salamanders II

Alpine and Fire Salamanders in Austria and Europe; review of the current situation and protective measures

Mc Kioto

Biocultural diversity, climate relevance and health impacts of younng people´s eating habits

Forest-Timber-Raw Material

Analyses of the historical wood utilization with the help of objects from the Austrian Open Air Museum Stuebing


Determination of provenance of food from regional production in Austria on the basis of multi-element and isotopic fingerprinting


Identifying and perceiving of river landscape functions and understanding of catchment processes within the case study Traisen

The hidden world of bacteria

Exploring the diversity of bacteria in Austrian inland waters: isolation and description of new species

Social Sciences

Intercultural Tracking. Pupils do Research into Migration History/ies

An investigation of historical perceptions of young people in culturally heterogeneous classes

  • Preview imageInterview mit Frau Anny Knapp

    Am 4. März 2010 interviewten Paul Freiberger und Dieter Zörnpfenning Frau Anny Knapp im Rahmen des Projektes "Interkulturelle Spurensuche" in Sachen Asylkoordination.

    04 March 2010

(Un)Doing Gender as an Integral Principle of Education: Language – Politics – Performance

How gender relations and roles are constructed, designed and lived – an investigation of students and teachers in the context of German classes


The influence of new media and technologies on the value orientation of adolescents

Dialog oder Konflikt der Kulturen? oder Der Faktor I

Identität, Interkulturalität, Integration


Sustainable lifestyles and adolescent life realities

My Featured Space 2025

Pupils in the Alps-Adriatic area analyze and form their future living spaces in rural regions using scientific methods

Diversity of Cultures – Unequal City

A transdisciplinary research project on urban development, social cohesion, and transculturality

Lifelong Learning – Students´ and Scientists´ Joint Perspectives

Students and scientists working on lifelong learning (LLL): developing questionnaires, collecting data and formulating recommendations

JuMuW [You move]

Youth research workshop multicultural Vienna. An interdisciplinary research project on intercultural learning and multicultural lifeworlds for teenagers and by teenagers in Vienna

Nanomaterials – Possibilities and Risks of a New Dimension

Nanomaterials - their possibilities and risks focusing on research of and with young people including gender aspects


SustainABLE energy YOUTHers – Active research for a more sustainable energy use

Landscape and You-th
An Oral History Project on Local Knowledge, Language and landscape

Interaction between people and landscapes using the example of flax cultivation and processing n the Carinthian Lesach Valley

Rethinking further education

Learning through research in education and practice of Early Childhood Education and Care

Paternity leave

Paternity leave: Impacts on male careers


Kids explore the interactions between car drivers and young road users in street traffic


Lesachtaler Bread in Intergenerational Dialogue


Youth Researches: Traffic & Security

Survey and scientific analysis of traffic- and safety-related parameters by students

Engineer Your Sound! (EYS)

Participative technological design using the example of music; Participation of secondary-school students in the development of didactic concepts of an interdisciplinary technical training

MOAI – Flying Vehicle

Multiple Operation Air Investigation


Success factors for small heat grids with seasonal geothermal heat storage

Mobile Motion Advisor 2.1

Development of technological methods and their practical use for supporting the individual physical fitness of adolescents in school and leisure time sport

FRANC - Field Robot for Advanced Navigation in bio Crops

Development of a field robot with an advanced navigation system for organic farming

  • Preview imageF.R.A.N.C

    Vom Entwurf, über die Konstruktion, Fertigung, bis hin zum ersten Einsatz des Feldroboters.

    02 May 2016

Woodworking revisited

Old knowledge - ready for the future


ICT and Robotics as Bridge between Generations

  • Preview imageKuratorium Wiener Pensionisten-Wohnhäuser TV Beitrag


  • Preview imageVideo vom AXAWARD-Austrian xtest Award

    Video vom AXAWARD-Austrian xtest Award, bei dem unser Schüler-Team den dritten Platz erringen konnte, sowie auch den Preis für die beste Präsentation bekommen hat.


  • Preview imageSchulworkshop BG/BRG Pichelmayergasse // iRobot

    Georg Jäggle war am 21.02.2018 im BG/BRG Pichelmayergasse, um die SchülerInnen mit einem spannenden Vortrag zum Thema Robotik zu begeistern und anschließend in einem weitere Einblicke zu geben. Wichtiges Thema dabei war unser Sparkling Science Projekt „iBridge“, das sich mit Servicerobotern beschäftigt, die älteren Menschen im alltäglichen Leben Hilfestellungen bieten sollen.