Video clips out of projects

Natural Sciences


Hydrologic balance and global change: future prospect for mountain areas in the face of changes in land use and climate

Alien Invaders – Renaturation of River Banks and Neophytes. A neglected problem

Alien plants and their role in reconstructions of river banks

Climate Change: the Impact on Bird Behaviour and Reproduction

The impact of climatic parameters on behaviour and reproduction of native bird species

Computer Simulations and Simulation Experiments

Essentials, Solutions and the Origin of Life

Pionierprojekt: BIPOLAR

Bildungsinitiative Polarforschung - Lernen und Forschen im Internationalen Polarjahr

„Was können wir tun?“

Verstehen lernen und handeln


1. Tiroler hochalpine Schüler/innenexpedition

Moth Larvae Research Project: Black C

Research on moth larvae hibernating in the spring meadows of the recreation area “Lainzer Tiergarten” and their contribution to biodiversity and population dynamics

Science Backstage – Explore How Physics Works and What Physicists Do

High school students examine how physics research works at the Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna, what research methods are used as well as how scientific communities co-operate. The research groups involved in this course include quantum optics, nano materials and nuclear physics


Students develop the basis of an archive on extreme weather phenomena

Synthetic Biology put to the Test at School

A Glimpse into the Blueprint of Life

Alpine Salamander

Distribution and development of the alpine and the fire salamander in Salzburg


Microbial life in the atmosphere – an extreme habitat as analogue to exoplanets


Young people travelling through the world of science and everyday life


Entwicklung und Evaluierung eines Erhebungssystems siedlungsnaher Schmetterlingshabitate

Alpine Salamanders II

Alpine and Fire Salamanders in Austria and Europe; review of the current situation and protective measures

Mc Kioto

Biocultural diversity, climate relevance and health impacts of younng people´s eating habits

Forest-Timber-Raw Material

Analyses of the historical wood utilization with the help of objects from the Austrian Open Air Museum Stuebing


Determination of provenance of food from regional production in Austria on the basis of multi-element and isotopic fingerprinting


Identifying and perceiving of river landscape functions and understanding of catchment processes within the case study Traisen

The hidden world of bacteria

Exploring the diversity of bacteria in Austrian inland waters: isolation and description of new species