Video clips out of projects

Social Sciences

Intercultural Tracking. Pupils do Research into Migration History/ies

An investigation of historical perceptions of young people in culturally heterogeneous classes

  • Interview mit Frau Anny Knapp

    Am 4. März 2010 interviewten Paul Freiberger und Dieter Zörnpfenning Frau Anny Knapp im Rahmen des Projektes "Interkulturelle Spurensuche" in Sachen Asylkoordination.

    04 March 2010

Youth Researches: Traffic & Security

Survey and scientific analysis of traffic- and safety-related parameters by students

(Un)Doing Gender as an Integral Principle of Education: Language – Politics – Performance

How gender relations and roles are constructed, designed and lived – an investigation of students and teachers in the context of German classes


The influence of new media and technologies on the value orientation of adolescents

Dialog oder Konflikt der Kulturen? oder Der Faktor I

Identität, Interkulturalität, Integration


Sustainable lifestyles and adolescent life realities

My Featured Space 2025

Pupils in the Alps-Adriatic area analyze and form their future living spaces in rural regions using scientific methods

Diversity of Cultures – Unequal City

A transdisciplinary research project on urban development, social cohesion, and transculturality

Lifelong Learning – Students´ and Scientists´ Joint Perspectives

Students and scientists working on lifelong learning (LLL): developing questionnaires, collecting data and formulating recommendations

JuMuW [You move]

Youth research workshop multicultural Vienna. An interdisciplinary research project on intercultural learning and multicultural lifeworlds for teenagers and by teenagers in Vienna

Nanomaterials – Possibilities and Risks of a New Dimension

Nanomaterials - their possibilities and risks focusing on research of and with young people including gender aspects


SustainABLE energy YOUTHers – Active research for a more sustainable energy use

Landscape and You-th
An Oral History Project on Local Knowledge, Language and landscape

Interaction between people and landscapes using the example of flax cultivation and processing n the Carinthian Lesach Valley

Rethinking further education

Learning through research in education and practice of Early Childhood Education and Care

Paternity leave

Paternity leave: Impacts on male careers


Kids explore the interactions between car drivers and young road users in street traffic


Lesachtaler Bread in Intergenerational Dialogue