Video clips out of projects


Youth Researches: Traffic & Security

Survey and scientific analysis of traffic- and safety-related parameters by students

Engineer Your Sound! (EYS)

Participative technological design using the example of music; Participation of secondary-school students in the development of didactic concepts of an interdisciplinary technical training

Dialog oder Konflikt der Kulturen? oder Der Faktor I

Identität, Interkulturalität, Integration

MOAI – Flying Vehicle

Multiple Operation Air Investigation


Success factors for small heat grids with seasonal geothermal heat storage

Mobile Motion Advisor 2.1

Development of technological methods and their practical use for supporting the individual physical fitness of adolescents in school and leisure time sport

FRANC - Field Robot for Advanced Navigation in bio Crops

Development of a field robot with an advanced navigation system for organic farming

  • F.R.A.N.C

    Vom Entwurf, über die Konstruktion, Fertigung, bis hin zum ersten Einsatz des Feldroboters.

    02 May 2016