Psychology test and research platform

PTFP – Psychology test and research platform – included the development and validation of a research platform

  • to generate new research findings
  • to validate new test methods
  • to evaluate the effects of different test targets on the test performance

The developed web platform was used to create, administrate and implement different diagnostic tools in research studies at the Department of Developmental Psychology and Psychological Assessment at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Vienna.

The following steps of development were planned

  • students` adjustment to the expertise of test and testing operations in collaboration with the experts
  • analysis and specification of the requirements and development of a prototype in cooperation with the Psychology Department
  • verification of the prototype by experts of the Psychology Department and improvement by the students` team
  • development of a user-friendly and secure platform in cooperation with the Psychology Department

The project was implemented in two steps of extension

  • development and testing of the prototype in collaboration with graduates – experimental research with previously selected test sequences, the cooperation partners create the tests
  • automation of the evaluation methods and process by the extension of the research platform

Security of data and data exchange via Internet were important because the research data should only be accessible by a selected group of users. The anonymity of the test subjects had to be preserved. With the completion of the project work 2010/2011 the entire project data (software, database and documentation) was delivered to the research partners at the Psychology Department.

This project has been completed.