MOAI – Flying Vehicle

Multiple Operation Air Investigation

Aim of our project was the implementation of an automatically operating flying vehicle based on a platform called “Quadcopter” which is similar to a remote controlled helicopter.
Aided by GPS it was able to perform the following tasks

  • Automatic flying according to waypoints
  • Following planned routes
  • Flying to certain points of an area (selected on the computer, e.g. by Google Earth)
  • Tracking a moving transmitter (finding of “avalanche victims”)

In order to provide a high range of operation – including live pictures of an attached webcam – all control data was transferred via mobile phone network.
Some of our challenges were

  • Weight problem (max. 300-400 g of cargo)
  • Recognition and evasion of obstacles
  • Recognition and interpretation of current position and flight attitude
  • Independent reaction to unexpected incidents (to avoid crashes)
  • Recognition of surroundings and pathfinding in unknown terrain

This project has been completed.