Projects (Information Technology)

As part of the “Sparkling Science” program, many projects are concerned with new information technology and media use and deal with their repercussions on values and communicative behaviour. Therefore, they are highly interdisciplinary in character and in some cases delve deep into the interdisciplinary areas of the social, human and cultural sciences.

25 projects have been found:

  • 6. Call (2016)

    • Projektfoto Learn to proGrAME

      Learn coding by developing videogames

    • Projektfoto POINTS

      Playful objects for inclusive, personalized movement games

  • 5. Call (2013)

    • Projektfoto BlindBits

      An Accessible Level Editor and Player for Creating Orientation-Training-Games for Blind Students

    • Projektfoto Informatics – A child's play?!

      Informatics – A child's play?!

    • Projektfoto Sparkling Games

      Designing Educational Games about the Relation of Informatics and Society

    • Projektfoto The Profiler

      Development of a Profiling Tool to Describe Persons Based on Acquisition and Content Based Analysis of Personal Online Images to Improve Media Competency of 10 to 15 year olds

  • 4. Call (2012)

  • 3. Call (2010)

    • Projektfoto AAS Endurance

      A robotic sailing boat to do research on marine mammals

    • Projektfoto DISBOTICS - Disassembly Robotics

      Distributed and intelligent disassembly of products with mobile robots

    • Projektfoto Games4School – Researcher develop games together with and for school children

      Following the principle of user-centered design, school children develop mini games with new interaction possibilities in cooperation with researcher and teachers

    • Projektfoto GeoWeb

      Geographic information systems based on OpenStreetMap and Google Maps-API

    • Projektfoto OpenPOI

      A web-based portal to collect and reuse free points-of-interest data

    • Projektfoto QUASSUMM

      Quality assessment and enhancement of user-generated mobile multimedia content

    • Projektfoto Sensors4All

      Acquisition of micro-climatic data for the area of Villach, concerning sustainable correction of raw data via open source software and standards

    • Projektfoto Sparkling Fingers 2.0

      User-oriented development of an audio-tactile e-learning tool for blind and visually impaired students on the basis of an open modular, extensible framework for the generation and use of collaboratively created online content

  • 2. Call (2009)

    • Projektfoto

      Interactive learning game for an ecological and economical comparison of different modes of goods transport

    • Projektfoto XINU-Control

      eXcellent Interface for Nonphatic Use

  • 1. Call (2008)

    • Projektfoto “Applications on the Move“

      Development of a mobile gaming application for young people. Location based games from students for students

    • Projektfoto fe|male

      Students design technology-supported learning scenarios

    • Projektfoto FUNSET Science (Future Network-Based Semantic Technologies)

      Concepts for the applications of semantic and software agent technologies in small- and
      medium-scale enterprises to form network organizations

    • Projektfoto SimConT.class

      Entwicklung eines interaktiven Lerntools über umweltfreundliche Verkehre anhand von Container-Terminals in einer Kooperation Uni-Schule

    • Projektfoto Sparkling Fingers

      Participatory design of assistive technology in the educational context

  • Pioneering projects