Projects (Medicine and Health)

Both sub-projects entitled “on the tracks of the class atmosphere” are two modules of a joint research project carried out by the Medical University of Vienna in co-operation with a secondary school in Vienna.

15 projects have been found:

  • 6. Call (2016)

    • Projektfoto (In)flaming tendons

      Gripping reactions in the bioreactor: Impact of inflammation-related mediators on tendon health.

    • Projektfoto Green4brain

      Adolescents investigate the restorative effects of school areas (indoor/outdoor) and urban green spaces

  • 5. Call (2013)

  • 4. Call (2012)

    • Projektfoto FEM_PERS

      FEM_PERS: Personalized medicine for women by use of breath tests

    • Projektfoto A break please!

      Reloading my batteries: Adolescents document and investigate places for their cognitive restoration

  • 3. Call (2010)

    • Projektfoto JiBB

      Jugend is(s)t berichtend in Bewegung – health reports done by pupils for pupils

    • Projektfoto My heart and I – together healthy

      Evaluation of a cardiovascular health promotion pilot project of Fonds Gesundes Österreich in the settings “community” and “school” for school health promotion at ECOLE-HBLW Güssing

  • 2. Call (2009)

    • Projektfoto FEM_TRACE

      FEM_TRACE_VOC screening test

    • Projektfoto FIT NOT FAT

      Developing and implementing a project designed to survey the health status and to promote health awareness of Viennese high school students based on an intervention study in co-operation with Hospital Hietzing

    • Projektfoto Handball

      The jump shot - A biomechanical analysis

  • 1. Call (2008)