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Many of Sparkling Science’s technical projects are closely concerned with the issues of incorporating technology into society and are therefore highly interdisciplinary in character.

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  • 6. Call (2016)

    • Projektfoto Woodworking revisited

      Old knowledge - ready for the future

    • Projektfoto iBridge

      ICT and Robotics as Bridge between Generations

    • Projektfoto QLIP

      Quality assurance during laser cutting using in-situ polarisation measurement

    • Projektfoto Sparkling Instruments

      Design and Construction of Digital Music Instruments to Convey Knowledge in Music and STEM School Subjects

  • 5. Call (2013)

    • Projektfoto FEMTOLAS

      Shorter Than the Blink of an Eye – Simulation of Femtosecondlasers for Materialprocessing

    • Projektfoto Online-Labs4All

      Adaptive Interfaces for a global iLab Cloud

    • Projektfoto Wood-based hybrid ribbed slabs

      Wood-based hybrid ribbed slabs for multi-storey buildings

    • Projektfoto Systems Engineering

      An integrative approach to the methodological design and IT support of interdisciplinary processes for the development and design of innovative products

    • Projektfoto Valuable Wood

      Big shrubs and small trees as valuable and sustainable resource of wood

  • 4. Call (2012)

    • Projektfoto FRANC - Field Robot for Advanced Navigation in bio Crops

      Development of a field robot with an advanced navigation system for organic farming

    • Projektfoto Hybrid wood constructions

      Development of timer-steel-hybrid elements for economically and ecologically sustainable mixed timber structures for compact construction in urban areas

    • Projektfoto Mobile Motion Advisor 2.1

      Development of technological methods and their practical use for supporting the individual physical fitness of adolescents in school and leisure time sport

    • Projektfoto RIOSOLAR

      Pupils summarize Austrian solar energy research against the backdrop of RIO+20 and develop scenarios up to 2030

    • Projektfoto RoboConT-Terminal

      Development of an interactive robot container terminal model to make infrastructures of sustainable intermodal goods transport come alive and comprehensible

  • 3. Call (2010)

  • 2. Call (2009)

    • Projektfoto Intelligent Mobile Motion Advisor

      Development of technological methods and their practical use for supporting the individual physical fitness of adolescents in school and leisure time sport

  • 1. Call (2008)

    • Projektfoto Ecoproduct for Youth

      Development of a method for sustainability assessment of products for young people. Becoming aware of the consequences of our consumption activities and tracking product features

    • Projektfoto Engineer Your Sound! (EYS)

      Participative technological design using the example of music; Participation of secondary-school students in the development of didactic concepts of an interdisciplinary technical training

    • Projektfoto Youth Researches: Traffic & Security

      Survey and scientific analysis of traffic- and safety-related parameters by students

    • Projektfoto PVD - OptiCoat-08

      Analyse und Optimierung von PVD-Beschichtungsprozessen mittels industrieller Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik

    • Projektfoto Virtual Product Development

      Support of a practice-oriented education in engineering design at schools and universities using a PDM-system