Projects (Technology)

Many of Sparkling Science’s technical projects are closely concerned with the issues of incorporating technology into society and are therefore highly interdisciplinary in character.

25 projects have been found:

  • 6. Call (2016)

    • Projektfoto Woodworking revisited

      Old knowledge - ready for the future

    • Projektfoto iBridge

      ICT and Robotics as Bridge between Generations

    • Projektfoto QLIP

      Quality assurance during laser cutting using in-situ polarisation measurement

    • Projektfoto Sparkling Instruments

      Design and Construction of Digital Music Instruments to Convey Knowledge in Music and STEM School Subjects

  • 5. Call (2013)

    • Projektfoto FEMTOLAS

      Shorter Than the Blink of an Eye – Simulation of Femtosecondlasers for Materialprocessing

    • Projektfoto Online-Labs4All

      Adaptive Interfaces for a global iLab Cloud

    • Projektfoto Wood-based hybrid ribbed slabs

      Wood-based hybrid ribbed slabs for multi-storey buildings

    • Projektfoto Systems Engineering

      An integrative approach to the methodological design and IT support of interdisciplinary processes for the development and design of innovative products

    • Projektfoto Valuable Wood

      Big shrubs and small trees as valuable and sustainable resource of wood

  • 4. Call (2012)

    • Projektfoto FRANC - Field Robot for Advanced Navigation in bio Crops

      Development of a field robot with an advanced navigation system for organic farming

    • Projektfoto Hybrid wood constructions

      Development of timer-steel-hybrid elements for economically and ecologically sustainable mixed timber structures for compact construction in urban areas

    • Projektfoto Mobile Motion Advisor 2.1

      Development of technological methods and their practical use for supporting the individual physical fitness of adolescents in school and leisure time sport

    • Projektfoto RIOSOLAR

      Pupils summarize Austrian solar energy research against the backdrop of RIO+20 and develop scenarios up to 2030

    • Projektfoto RoboConT-Terminal

      Development of an interactive robot container terminal model to make infrastructures of sustainable intermodal goods transport come alive and comprehensible

  • 3. Call (2010)

  • 2. Call (2009)

    • Projektfoto Intelligent Mobile Motion Advisor

      Development of technological methods and their practical use for supporting the individual physical fitness of adolescents in school and leisure time sport

  • 1. Call (2008)

    • Projektfoto Ecoproduct for Youth

      Development of a method for sustainability assessment of products for young people. Becoming aware of the consequences of our consumption activities and tracking product features

    • Projektfoto Engineer Your Sound! (EYS)

      Participative technological design using the example of music; Participation of secondary-school students in the development of didactic concepts of an interdisciplinary technical training

    • Projektfoto Youth Researches: Traffic & Security

      Survey and scientific analysis of traffic- and safety-related parameters by students

    • Projektfoto PVD - OptiCoat-08

      Analyse und Optimierung von PVD-Beschichtungsprozessen mittels industrieller Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik

    • Projektfoto Virtual Product Development

      Support of a practice-oriented education in engineering design at schools and universities using a PDM-system