Chatting with Antiquity – Inscriptiones Antiquae

Scientific and didactic treatment and editing of the largest collection of inscriptions from Rome in Austria

At the end of the 19th century, Rudolf von Scala, professor of the Ancient History in Innsbruck, founded the largest collection of inscriptions from Rome in Austria. This collection is unique in its extent and of significant importance for the scientific community. In collaboration with three schools in Innsbruck the “Institut für Alte Geschichte und Altorientalistik” at the University of Innsbruck will open it for scientific research and lecturing as well as for teaching and for everybody interested in that subject.

At first the scholars will acquire basics of epigraphy in teamwork with researchers and teachers. Together they will create a translation of the original inscriptions including a commentary. The inscriptions will be arranged in topical order and embedded in their historical and cultural context. Additionally, the scholars will develop a specific database for the inscriptions including translation and commentary. For publishing the results in a didactical journal they have to take responsibility for the layout. The journal will offer basic materials for lecturing and teaching as well as for scientific analysis of the inscriptions. The experience of the scholars in dealing with original inscriptions will help to create a didactic model for communicating Latin epigraphy.

This project has been completed.