Developing and implementing a project designed to survey the health status and to promote health awareness of Viennese high school students based on an intervention study in co-operation with Hospital Hietzing

The promotion of health among young people is a major issue that has health and socio-political relevance, but should also cause a change in adolescents’ attitude in regard to their health.

This 2-year-project aims at promoting the health and health awareness of high school students as well as their familiarity with medicine and natural sciences. The mainstay of this project are school-based measures that will be developed under scientific guidance by the students themselves.

Students of the 11th and 12th grade (mentors) of a Viennese Secondary School will develop a cross-sectional study to collect valid baseline data regarding metabolism, physical fitness and coordination, food and beverage consumption in their younger 9th or 10th grade colleagues.

Based on the results and experiences of that cross-sectional study, a randomized controlled intervention study will be carried out. Students of the 9th and 10th forms will be assigned either to an intervention group (multivariate intervention in physical fitness, a healthy diet and alcohol and nicotine abstinence) or to a control group (without intervention, only information).

At the end of the study, the collected parameters (anthropometry, blood analysis, endothelial function, tests of motor skills, health awareness, amount of physical activity) will be evaluated and analyzed by students supported by scientists.

There will be a presentation of the results for students as well as parents in order to further younger students’ interest in a healthier lifestyle. The results of the study will also be presented and discussed at professional conferences.

This project has been completed.