The development of the natural spaces Mödlingbach (Lower Austria), Krotenbach (Lower Austria) and Schlandraunbach (South Tyrol) after their reconstruction

In the last years the canalized stretches of the rivers in the settlement area of Mödling, Brunn am Gebirge (both Lower Austria) and Schlanders (South Tyrol) got reconstructed and rearranged into new green spaces. One objective of the project „WASsERLEBEN“ is the scientific benefit by being able to collect further data on the development of soil bioengineering techniques for the revitalisation of rivers. The examination of changes of the river bed structure and of the flora and aquatic fauna should give a broad view about the achievements of the reconstructional works, allow comparison to previous results, and serve a successful further development.

Moreover, changes of the microclimate in these newly created green spaces in comparison to adjacent recreational areas are being measured and citizens are surveyed about possible usages of these green spaces. Furthermore, high school students are to be made familiar with the subject of near to nature river engineering, and their understanding of man and nature in densely populated areas shall be enhanced.

The several research fields allow rewarding cooperative activities between scientists, high school students and students of University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences. On the scientific side this project results in a dissertation that deals with and merges the results of the different locations. The high school students finish this project with a presentation or a senior paper. In collaboration with students of University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences some more sections of the rivers get redesigned and improvements of existing stretches are made.

The knowledge transfers for the high school students as well as the data collection are scientifically monitored. Together with high school and university students these data are being collected and evaluated. Because of the international locations comparable data can be collected. Prof. Dr. Florineth acts as a mentor for the high school students and as a connector to the university.

This project has been completed.