FEM_TRACE_VOC screening test

Who likes to be pricked by a needle? According to our project target an alternative solution will be: Please breathe!

FEM_ TRACE encourages female pupils to detect volatile organic compounds as cancer markers supported by our scientists. Our infrastructure consists of a sleep laboratory, a medical laboratory, an ergometer training centre, and a biomedical data base. Beside our nature science tasks, we focus on developing medical devices. FEM_ TRACE supports the interest of female pupils in technical studies, which should connect the schools involved and the university closer.

FEM_ TRACE tries to use human breath for cancer diagnosis. Linus Pauling, a double Nobel Prize Laureate, has been the breath research pioneer. He found out that human breath consists of about 200 volatile organic compounds. The most prominent breath test is to detect helicobacter pylori, a gastric bacteria – it could be possible to develop a device for early cancer diagnosis, diabetes, and depression by breath analysis. FEM_ TRACE attaches value to equity of both sexes in research.

FEM_ TRACE is an outstanding science center in the provinces of Vorarlberg and Tyrol to support female pupils in nature science and technical studies. We facilitate those pupils to get in touch with our aspiring research field. Our partners are three high schools, one foreign National academy of sciences, and an international scientific society.

This project has been completed.