“To be Motionless Does Not Mean to be Voiceless” – Science on a Wall

Scientific Documentation (Damage Assessment Exercise) of the Outer Enclosing Wall of the Medieval Moated Castle Schönwerth in Volders

This project was carried out by students of the Hauptschule Volders in co-operation with the Institute of Archaeology, Centre for Prehistory, Early History and the Archaeology of the Middle Ages and the Modern Period, University of Innsbruck. The presented project had the following goals:

Students gained knowledge in photographic research, in the digital documentation of images depicting damage on old walls, an introduction into old craft techniques, they learned about the basics of surveying techniques as well as the precision of scientific research. An archaeological survey completed the program.

The planned result was a map of the damages on the outer enclosing wall of the medieval moated castle, containing a series of information such as order of wall construction and phases of repair. This information provided the basics for an extensive restoration program.

The current success of a lecture series provided to younger students through the University of Innsbruck created a wonderful training ground for lecturers and university students in preparing and conveying age appropriate scientific contents to younger students.

Through their work on this object, the students were expected to gain a personal connection to this part of their heritage. Every student took on his or her share of responsibility for an old structure.

This project has been completed.