Gepulster Laser

Development and construction of a pulsed laser for marking and cutting of various materials

A 100W-Laser with a new kind of modulator inside should be realized. With this modulator simple switching between continuous and pulsed operation is possible, such that average power and efficiency remain the same in both modes. The pulse repetition rate will be rather high (~200kHz), such that pulsed operation can be used in applications, where usually continuous mode is used.

In the second part of the project a systematic examination of differences in the application of pulsed and continuous operation is planned. Here marking and cutting of plastics and marking of glass should be addressed. More precise results are expected with pulsed mode and in the case of glass only pulses will be able to achieve a marking effect at all.

A group of ~10 pupils should work weekly for two hours on this project. Additionally pupils from informatics should build up an up-to-date project website. Further school subjects like physics, mathematics, biology, geometry, handicrafts and chemistry should be incorporated via lectures, excursions, scholarly papers, and partial cooperation. The latter will happen via the deepening subjects. Further the course „Natural Scientific Exercises“, which is offered for the second classes, should participate via excursions to demonstrations.

This project has been completed.