Paternity leave

Paternity leave: Impacts on male careers

The aim of this research project was to explore the impacts of paternity leave on male career progression in cooperation with pupils. Whereas the consequences of maternity leave have been a longtime research topic in career-, labor market- and gender research, the impacts of paternity leave on male careers are hardly explored so far.
The research project analysed existing literature und data about paternity leave including regulatory framework: on the basis of data of the Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions the child-caring fathers were described and their income and career development was compared to men without interruptions in employment. Individual motives to take paternity leave and career orientations were subjects of personal interviews. In addition, managers were interviewed to learn about companies’ strategies relating to paternity leave.

Focus groups with colleagues demonstrated social practices which are highly relevant for a successful comeback and further career progression. So the main research question was if and in which way paternity leave might be an instrument to change companies’ working culture (stereotypes, understanding of career). This analysis was linked to Scandinavian research results, that was contributed by a Swedish research partner.

This project has been completed.