Hybrid wood constructions

Development of timer-steel-hybrid elements for economically and ecologically sustainable mixed timber structures for compact construction in urban areas

Timber-steel-hybrid elements present economical solutions in urban areas due to the possibility of fast and flexible prefabricated construction methods with big spans. The use of such elements is advantageous in new buildings just as in the refurbishment and the extension of existing buildings.
The motivation was the development of sustainable constructions by minimizing the use of non renewable resources and the CO2 emissions. Therefore the constructors need basic concepts for multi-storey mixed structures. The slogan was light, fast, clean and secure.

Following workflow was planned:

  1. Development and optimization of timber-steel-hybrid beams
  2. Testing and modelling of the load-bearing capacity of timber-steel-hybrid beams under short- and long-term loading.
  3. Development, testing and modelling of rigid connections of these hybrid elements. The advantages of steel to steel connections should be used for the load transmission.
    The pupils elaborated practical master's thesis. They can even observe the testing samples after the ending of the sparkling sciences research period.

This project has been completed.