Pollen and respirable dust

Pollen and respirable dust – mutual allergy triggers?

Although up to now the relationship between allergy and respirable dust has been examined very little, there are some publications that indicate that there could be a relationship between an increased spread of allergic diseases and environmental pollution on the one hand and a correlation between allergenicity and the severity of pollution on the other hand.

Environmental pollution and allergy are both central topics in the high school curriculum. They are ideally suited for a student centered approach and thus have great potential to evoke interest for them and related scientific topics among the students.

This project had the aim to investigate – together with the students – the correlation between common allergy triggering substances and the environmental pollution sources, common in our area. Students and teachers were actively involved in all the project phases. The formative and summative project evaluation accompanied the project and focused on the learning processes of all the partners during the project.

This project has been completed.