With the new edition of the research funding programme "Sparkling Science 2.0", the OeAD, on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF), will focus on funding high-quality citizen science research projects in which scientific institutions cooperate with educational institutions and, if possible, partners from business and society.

Within the 1st tender, 34 outstanding Citizen Science projects will be funded with a total funding volume of 11.5 million euros. Some facts and figures on the funded projects can be found here

For an overview of key data of the “Sparkling Science” project (2007-2019) and a complete list of participating research institutions, schools and partners from business and society click here.

Comprehensive information about projects and offers related to cooperations between science and schools, as well as an overview of research partner schools that were distinguished by the BMBWF  can be found on the website of the OeAD Young Science centre

A young student making an observation at the Traisen.

The Sparkling Science Project „Traisen.w³" (project duration 2014-2016) © Michaela Poppe