Map view

Participating institutions, partners and schools 

On this page you can see the participating institutions of all current research projects in a map view. All participating scientific institutions, partners from industry and society, and partner schools are displayed here. Using the filter option, you can select which institutions in Austria and/or abroad should be shown or hidden. 

By operating the control elements in the upper left corner or by using the mouse wheel you can zoom within the map as you like. By clicking on a pin you get details about the partner and the information to which project the partner belongs. Via a link you can go directly from this open window to the project or to the map display of the individual project.

Legend: yellow pointerScientific institutions blue pointerPartners from Economy and Society orange pointerSchools

List view

This view lists all involved institutions in alphabetical order. Clicking on a name in the list will take you to the map view, showing you where the institution is located and display further information about this participating institution.

Scientific institutions ()

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Schools ()

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