Construction of a Test for Surveying and Reflection of Media Literacy and Madia Habitus at School

The project “Entwicklung eines Instruments zur Erhebung und Reflexion der Medienkompetenz und des Medialen Habitus in Schulen [Development of an Instrument for Surveying and reflecting Media Literacy and the Media Habitus]” (InMeLi) aimed at the facilitation of Media Literacy and the facilitation of reflecting the Media Habitus.

Media Literacy is considered as an important competence for the participation of sovereign citizens in democratic knowledge societies, where culture, politics and economy are highly determined by media based communication. Media Literacy includes the capability to think about media and the competence to use media. The project focused on the individual as an decision impulse positing actor.

The Media Habitus as a part of the general Habitus is relevant for the opportunities of young people in life. Individuals express their Media Habitus in their Media Taste. To know the own Habitus and to handle the own Habitus can be important for the improvement of chances in society.

During the course of the project a test for Media Literacy and for the Media Habitus was developed by 13-­15 years old students of Neue Mittelschulen. Since students have developed the test, a falsification of test results by complicated diction could be avoided. By taking the test, students were able to measure their own Media Literacy and to reflect their Media Habitus. Together with teaching staff, models for the application of the test in the classroom were developed.

The project applied the recommendations of the department for Medienbildung at the Federal Ministry for Education and Family. With the decree for Media Education a sound basis for teaching Media Literacy in Austrian schools has been set. InMeLi delivers a contribution to teach Media Literacy and to reflect the Media Habitus.

This project has been completed.