Nursing Students explore Potentials for Sustainable Care

In the light of the demographic transition and ever-scarcer resources, the question of how the care of vulnerable persons is and should be organised in the future is becoming an increasingly pressing societal challenge. Against this background, the project dealt with potentials for sustainable care in hospitals. The project promoted an approach of care with respect and dignity of patients – particularly of older, seriously ill, and dying patients as well as people with dementia. Furthermore the project’s approach addressed the responsible handling of ecological, social and financial resources in hospitals. We thus combined two approaches from two separate fields of research: Palliative Care and socioecological sustainability research.

The project aimed at contributing to a greater awareness of future actors of the health care system for the possibilities and conditions of a “caring society”. SUSTAINABLE CARE moved towards “research frontiers” and beared great challenges with regard to contents, planning and communication. To face these challenges the project team was supported by an interdisciplinary scientific advisory board and by accompanying research.

The project was carried out with both classes of the same grade (more than 50 nursing students) as school-autonomous special focus of this year group. It was thus completely integrated in teaching and interdisciplinary in character. The collaboration with the students started in January 2015 with an initial workshop in the school.

This project has been completed.