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In the first call for proposals of "Sparkling Science 2.0", 34 Citizen Science projects will be funded with a total of 11.5 million euros starting in fall 2022. The projects cover different scientific disciplines and are thematically broadly spread: from contemporary history and migration research to ecology and microbiology to climate change education and sustainability research.

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  • 1. Call

    • Projektfoto Aquirufa

      Biodiversity and ecology of freshwater bacteria

    • Projektfoto Breathing Air

      Analysis of typical exposure to the chemical mix of respirable ultrafine particles in rural and urban valley locations

    • Projektfoto Be PART of it!

      Participatory Research on a Telepresence System and its impact on social inclusion in schools

    • Projektfoto Biodiversity of Phoxinus minnows

      Biodiversity of Phoxinus minnows in Austria

    • Projektfoto CO2 Conversion

      From harmful exhaust gas to a resource - CO2 as a valuable raw material

    • Projektfoto DIGIdat

      Digital data analysis of indoor air quality meets Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

    • Projektfoto EAT+CHANGE

      Food consumption as everyday transformation: participatory research and collaborative learning for social-ecological change

    • Projektfoto Reflecting Minds

      Development of a mentalization training for elementary educators

    • Projektfoto FFF-Glacier Worlds

      Freeze For Future - Youth Creates Virtual Glacier Worlds For The Future Of Climate Change Education

    • Projektfoto MEMMIG

      Multilingual Memories of Migration. Students conduct intergenerational interviews