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Many of the funded research projects deal with scientific issues. The thematic spectrum ranges from climate education to mathematical algorithms and didactics of natural sciences to biodiversity and species conservation. The projects address current and socially relevant topics and usually pursue a transdisciplinary approach. 

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    • Projektfoto Aquirufa

      Biodiversity and ecology of freshwater bacteria

    • Projektfoto Breathing Air

      Analysis of typical exposure to the chemical mix of respirable ultrafine particles in rural and urban valley locations

    • Projektfoto Biodiversity of Phoxinus minnows

      Biodiversity of Phoxinus minnows in Austria

    • Projektfoto CO2 Conversion

      From harmful exhaust gas to a resource - CO2 as a valuable raw material

    • Projektfoto Green roof habitats

      Green roof: habitats facing climate change and biodiversity crisis

    • Projektfoto MAJA

      Mathematical algorithms analyzed for everybody

    • Projektfoto Micro-Tramper

      Microbial dynamics along the food chain

    • Projektfoto PLASTIC.ALPS

      Distribution and impact of microplastics in sensitive high alpine environments

    • Projektfoto Relevance of Mathematics Education

      Relevance of Mathematics Education from the Perspective of Students

    • Projektfoto TRA:WELL

      Transport and Wellbeing

    • Projektfoto u3Green

      Promotion of child and youth-friendly urban landscapes through participatory research on urban green

    • Projektfoto We talk about science

      Fostering communication about scientific issues

    • Projektfoto WILDLIFE CRIME

      Discovering and uncovering: Detective work in the name of species protection