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The funded projects address current social science issues. Many projects are also at the interface with other scientific disciplines, such as technology (e.g. avatars), the natural sciences (e.g. snow research) or medicine (e.g. palliative care).   

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    • Projektfoto Be PART of it!

      Be PART of it! - Participatory Research on a Telepresence System and its impact on social inclusion in schools

    • Projektfoto EAT+CHANGE

      Food consumption as everyday transformation: participatory research and collaborative learning for social-ecological change

    • Projektfoto Reflecting Minds

      Development of a mentalization training for elementary educators

    • Projektfoto Colonialism today? What does that have to do with me?

      Colonialism today?! What does that have to do with me? Post-colonial approaches to knowledge transfer in a natural history museum

    • Projektfoto Researching and Transforming Multilingual Spaces

      Researching and Transforming Multilingual Spaces. Multilingualism in the pedagogical professionalization for preschool

    • Projektfoto Snow2School

      An interdisciplinary approach for recording changes in snow in Greenland and Austria

    • Projektfoto Caring Cultures in end-of-life care

      Telling about caring cultures in end-of-life care. Students and citizen scientists doing intercultural and intergenerational research

    • Projektfoto Transform4School

      Transformation by Participation: Model Schools for learning of democracy and peace